Saturday, 24 June 2017

YPGTTO: Overture Compositing and Texture Tests

without depth of field

with depth of field

A few more texture and compositing experiments, this time for the Overture district.

YPGTTO: The King & Queen Are In Residence!

YPGTTO / The King & Queen orthographs / Julien Van Wallendael
I'm pleased to announce the King and Queen of the Kingdom of Sound have taken up residence - courtesy of Ethan Shilling, who has translated Julien Van Wallendael's character designs into fully-rigged and ready-to-animate 3D models.

YPGTTO / The King / Design by Julien Van Wallendael / 3D model & rig by Ethan Shilling

YPGTTO / The Queen / Design by Julien Van Wallendael / 3D model & rig by Ethan Shilling

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Modelling: The Oboe District's Bridges

The Oboe District now has bridges and is ready for initial set construction.

Digital Sets: The violin District

Some Screen shots from the main Violin District block out. Still need to put some paraphernalia like signs in place then it should be good to go.

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Digital Sets: The Overture #3

Some of the objects in The Overture set needed to be updated so they wouldn't collapse in smooth preview mode. I also added the striped to the centre orb and some lines in the roads, so hopefully it's now ready to go.

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Digital Sets: The Overture #2

The Overture set is now completed! I modelled the dome properly and added some railings so they looked nice and detailed. I also modelled some exit tubes for the elevators, placed the road supports, and readjusted the pillars so they fit the shape of the dome. I also added in the signs and made some more pathways so the space felt more busy and populated. Overall I'm happy with how it turned out, so now I'm onto working with the Oboe District.

Environment/ Asset Design- Lots of Signage!

Embarking on some of the last few pieces of District furniture. I needed to finish the signs preceding a few of the Districts.

Following Red's fall down the stairs to the Double-Bass District, he scrambled to his feet and is faced with Design number 2

Chosen Design 2

Later, after his ascent from the Double Bass District, Red finds himself on the precipice of the Harp District. A few lovely little birds fly by, carrying Signage Design 1 to inform him of his place in the world.

Chosen Design 1
 Directly behind Red is the Horn District. The squiggly spaghetti like structure of design number 5 will be the Horn District Sign he will see. Shortly afterward, he sets off with steely resolve to find the summoning light in the distance.

Chosen Design 5

A while later Red finds himself caught up in a stampede of fellow notes as they all speed towards the summoning light in the distance. It puts both Red and the Trumpet District sign in a bit of a spin!

The design was supposed to point in the direction of the district. The first sheet of designs I focused on creating it entirely from Trumpet elements. However they didn't communicate direction very well at all. So in sheet two I took a more obvious approach and we settled on design number 5.

Chosen Design 5

Finally the Percussion District. Red arrives in spectacular fashion, delivered by the hook of a crane to find himself in the middle of a Construction site. 

The Percussion section is comprised of multiple instruments, unlike the others. Initial sign designs were therefore a mix of instruments. As I struggled to nail it down, it was highlighted that I had missed the most obvious connection. Triangles are well known for warning and caution signs, so that was the instrument I then fixed on to complete the Percussion District signage.